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"As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble."

- Harrington Emerson

We will talk extensively about the principles we believe need to be followed, but we will also show you how we applied them in a practical way toward the 3 main points we have been focusing on: Training, Nutrition and Anxiety / Depression (mental health / performance)


The 3 pillars of training are: assessing, coaching & programming, even if for oneself

Assessing - "To a ship with no direction, any port will do" - It is crucial to be able to recognise issues and roadblocks to be able to move and plan forward. This is something we talk about a lot and address mostly in the Mentoring Program

Coaching - Understanding a concept like Tension over Position is crucial for example, it is not enough to do what to do, you need to know how to to it as well. We have modules and the MP for that.

Programming - This is the more practical application. How to do things is the most important by far, but one needs to start with the what at some point. We have a Programming module and also the templates to help with this.

I cover all of this ad nauseam do not fret


What we refer to as the Nutrition Protocol is a set of principles we thought was necessary to understand the nutrition aspect of things.

I have done many podcasts on the subject and many modules / groups.

We have been experimenting adapting the principles toward fasting, the Carnivore diet, the anabolic diet, and so forth.

At first the Protocol was it's own thing but "different strokes for different folks", and as long as one follows the principles the method matters little.

Anxiety / Depression

Such as massive subject. 

Podcasts, modules, Mentoring Program, etc...

As you can imagine I cannot explain the scope of this area in just a few words. Just know this is something I am spending a lot of time on and pushing very much forward on. 

If you need to know more just follow the white rabbit, you will find many rabbit holes to explore here.

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