Strongfit Video Blog number 2

In this one,i talk a bit on how i do my assessment and the thought process behind them.Also about the Control Function

Strongfit Q&A Number 1

My first Q&A, to answer some of the (many) questions i got from last week's post *the system *application to Oly Lifting *shoulder in "Functional Fitness" *Quad dominant in "Functional Fitness"

The future of Strongfit

There has been a lot of changes at Strongfit lately I am moving permanentely to San Diego in June (still coming back to LA once a week).Invictus is opening a 12000 sqft new facility on 10999 Sorrento Valley Rd in San Diego (near Torrey Pines),and it will be my home base.The Strongfit gym in Torrance will stay open,and in order to get that going i am currently training coaches.I will include their bios on the website Chai and Davon Brazil will be in charge of Powerlifting at Strongfit Tina Angelotti and Trixie Arya will take care of the "Functional Fitness" part & also Gymnastic for Tina Richard Aceves is my assistant and main coach.You'll hear a lot more about him,as he will help me in San D

The importance of Oblique work

There are 3 types on contractions : eccentric (think breaking,deccelereation),isometric (stabilization),concentric (action created by shortening the muscle).All muscles are created equal but their function differs.Some are better suited for concentric contraction like the quads or the triceps,whereas some muscles are designed more for eccentric or isometric.This has nothing to do with their composition but more to do again with their function For example let's take a look at the abdominals (rectus abdominis).Concentric contraction for those means flexion of the trunk,which is not something you need a lot of in lifting.You'll use flexion for bodyweight movement but under heavy load that is so

Pain and Pills by Matt Barlow

There seems to be an accepted premise that if you feel pain then you take pain medication. If you indulge me I would like to share my personal story with pain medication and how the after affects I am still feeling 10 years later and will most likely affect me for the rest of my life. As you don’t know me I will have to state that I am an athlete and have been an athlete for most of my life, I will cover this topic in future blogs. This particular story started in my late teenage years as I joined a premiership rugby club and was given several really bad pieces of advice. The worst one was to regularly take pain killers to eliminate joint and general pain. My potential rugby career ended un

Find your Why

The people that seek me out are either hurt,about to get hurt or stuck in their training.VERY rarely will athletes stick around without one of those reasons.The training is very intense and demanding,frustrating mentally as my job is to find your weaknesses and kill you with them.The first few weeks will be spent building you up structurally and/or fixing your deficiencies.To go successfully through this you need a very clear Why Simon Sinek talks about this in his fascinating Ted talk The mental approach is something CJ Martin from Invictus is a master at.That is one of the reasons it was so easy to convince me to move to San Diego.I remember going there the first time right before the 2015

The Tricep Opener

Today will not be about destroying someone in the parking lot,even though today was indeed a good day.I want to talk instead about assistance work.I am a big fan of it and i will talk here about the Tricep opener. This video will explain the technical points This exercise was designed to help with overhead effiency. We all know that if the lats lack full range of motion,the abilty to press directly overhead will be negatively impacted.From there 2 things can happen,you will either dump the weight forward (as we see often on the snatch) or you will have to arch excessively in order to compensate. Many times i see athletes work on their range of motion by using passive stretching,and that is a

Burn the questions

If you know about me,you are familiar with the fact that people leave my gym in a “slightly” altered state The steps involve different uses of the Prowler,lots of pain,a feeling of death approaching and finally a selfie of me standing on top of your crushed soul with my tongue out Yesterday morning I had a guy who got absolutely destroyed. He started puking halfway through the workout, so I knew it was going to be glorious. He ended up puking 4 times,one after each exercise.The last one was on himself in the fetal position.Just awesome But is there really a point in putting people through this? Well yes First of all not everyone is capable of pushing hard enough to go to that point. It requ

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