The Bicep Opener

FINALLY Please listen to the intro first as i explain the principles the bicep Opener exercise is based on.It's very important that you understand the concept in order to do this exercise correctly This exercise is to strengthen the bicep through its range of motion,helping stabilize the shoulder and its overall health

Strongfit Workout number 4

Old favorite from 2014 AMRAP 8mins of 3 C&J - 50' OH Carry with a 100# sandbag I included some variations

Strongfit Challenge fan favorite

8 mins AMRAP of 5 sandbag Squats - 50' Carry This is the first conditioning workout i posted back in 2014.I have been using it for 4+ years and it's still my best one

Strongfit Oblique Challenge

Here is the challenge 8 mins AMRAP with a 150# Farmer's Handle 1-Arm Deadlift 5 reps - Suitcase Carry 50',alternate hands & repeat I did 6 rounds (each hand) It activates the obliques,all right...

Strongfit Challenge

This week the challenge is 200m ab-row I did it in 1:28 as shown here and Richard in 1:16 what ya got?

BruteStrength Podcast

Here is Episode 33 of the BruteStrength Podcast with yours truly BruteStrength Podcast Episode 33 w/ Julien Pineau of Strongfit

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