The Cost of Excellence

Intensity, in theory, is simple. In practice, however, we seem to have escaped it. This very life and breath of fitness has been watered down in our community where we once embraced it and we have diluted a thing so potent in it’s effect in order to produce the thing that sells. We are a culture who wants more. We sacrifice quality and we hack at the corners of so much that is good in the name of creating More. More is attractive, More is marketable, More sells. The same has come true in the evolution of fitness and the thing that is More is volume. What if, rather than “What more can I do?” we instead asked the question, “How can I do this better?”. Why is it that when we aim to make improv

Learn to refuse

I am a single father raising a 12 year old girl. I often make fun of the situation, but the truth is that she is so easy to deal with. She is the sweetest thing you have ever met. She is Kind, funny and adorable My heart melts every time i see her smile We have been inseparable from the moment she was born. We are built the same, physically and mentally. I have learned so much about myself just watching her. I see her build rooms in her head all the time. She is headstrong and incapable of quitting. Her frustration at not figuring things out as fast as she should makes me smile. This morning i was having a conversation with her about what our lives look like right now, incredible yet uncon

Become A Better Coach/athlete

I get asked a lot what my advice is on how to get better as a coach and as an athlete.Evolution does not lie, you need to learn to play. For a million years all mammals have learned new skills by playing, their survival depended on it. We saw that animals that grow up in captivity without siblings will perish in the wild because of their lack of skills Not enough of us are willing to experiment with things to find out an answer for ourselves If you want to get better you need to take the time to develop an understanding to learn the difference between engaging your Teres Major and your Latissimus Dorsi. You have to be willing to go to the Globogym today and spend one hour on Lat Pull-downs

Shoulder Mobility

Shoulder Opener - Internal torque Better mobility for overhead position. The point of this movement is to create better range of motion while maintaining proper torque and tension in any overhead position (from presses to snatches). We want to ensure that you maintain Internal torque meaning creating tension in the lat, chest, and short head of the bicep. If you are feeling your traps overly or experience shoulder pain you may very well be creating improper torque therefore cheating your true mobility. Always remember it is not what you do but how you do it. Take your time and perfect the mobility of the shoulders. Requires lat, chest and short head of bicep to be active The set up Arms exte

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