Thoracic spine extension

Thoracic spine extension, the point here is to show that you cannot have extension of the T-spine without engagement of the external obliques. If those are not fully engaged you will notice you start the movement at the lumbar spine. This is to demonstrate that the whole debate about t-spine mobility is really a debate about external obliques mobility. Their length while maintaining the proper torque (which is the definition of mobility) will determine how much you can extend that thoracic spine. It is primordial to understand the difference between flexibility and mobility One is passive, the other one active

Do you know what T-Spine mobility is?

This is about T-spine mobility Before you comment please take the time to try those 2 exercises I made Willhem do Extension of the T-spine with and without engaging the external obliques. You will see how big of a difference it makes. If you cannot engage the external obliques correctly you will see that'll flex at the lumbar spine first If you do not believe me, or disagree go try it out first and then let's talk about it

The Power of a Question

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein A question marks the beginning of discovery. A question leads us to the start of a journey and intrigues us to do more, know more, or become more. A question asks for more than an answer; it calls for action. We all begin life as hyper-questioners. If you have children or often spend time with children, you know first hand how true this is. As we age, however, we’ve been taught to stop asking questions and to find the short answer whenever and wherever possible. Professionalism is marked by all-knowing adults who have been trained away from the “need” to ask questions and the ability to simplify thoughts and ideas

Flexibility vs Mobility

Flexibility simply refers to the length of a muscle - the passive ability for any certain body part to be in any certain ROM. Mobility, on t

Why Use a Sandbag

A sandbag allows for a greater diversity of training. Sandbags are great for holds, carries, and movements within the frontal plane versus t

Ten Thousand Passionate Hours

When someone pops an ankle, get in an accident, etc. they know where to go. They will go see a doctor, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, etc. not you. Your clients come to see you to move better. They come to see you to be able to play with their kids, play sports on the weekends, not get hurt picking up their keys from the floor, etc.. We are not a poor's man version of a chiropractor We are martial arts teachers, our specialty is the art of movement. All artists from chefs, to painters, to dancers have one thing in common: How much of their time they spent experimenting on each movement, answering each of their own questions, looking at each possibility. Your specialty is movement. Study

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