T-Spine Mobility

This is an exercise designed to increase the mobility of your overhead positioning Mobility is range of motion while maintaining torque, hence relates to strength

Oblique Opener

It is very important to put the kettlebell below the belly button Make sure to create internal torque throughout the body, engaging the pecs and inside head of the hamstrings Go for sets of 60 seconds contracting for 2 seconds relaxing 1 second.

StrongFit System reloaded

We have found some very interesting things lately about the torque chains and how it relates to training, more specifically toward the nervous system. After gaining the understanding of the principles of movement it is time for us to create our own method. This is only the beginning, but it will be the next progression and evolution to training for health sport. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

I Can't Watch the World Burn

Today while myself and six of my students were dying on our sleds’ (Bear crawls as heavy as possible for 400m) a verbal argument was growing more and more heated at the end of the block. It was weird and I couldn't ignore the situation. The aggressor, one man wearing ragged clothes and smelling like alcohol and piss began to shout louder. The group of men started to turn away and he continually kept shouting, rattling off incoherent thoughts. If I had to guess he looked like my other patients from the ambulance tweaked out, up all night from meth. In between his shouting I asked him, “Hey man you want to join us?” Without hesitation he removed his shirt and came over to me. I strapped him up

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