Training Men Vs. Women, Part II: Shut Up, Siri

All roads leads somewhere. As long as you get there, the route really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Siri telling you how to do it. If you’re a guy, there’s a good chance you muted Siri a long time ago. Shut up, Siri. Men trust their internal GPS. It doesn’t matter that it might be less effective, as long as it works. Efficiency is not the point, mastery and freedom is. The natural state of the male ego lies in a state of flow - a continuity of circumstances without withhold, bound only to the present moment and only to the prize. This biological wiring of the “man” forms in the parasympathetic nervous system, the balancing system for the internal torque chain. The internal torque

Greg Passed his Test!

StrongFit is proud to announce its first certified coach, Greg Rath. Greg owns ‘Grex Gym’ in Vienna, Austria and has been closely involved with StrongFit since first hearing the Barbell Shrugged podcasts in 2015. The strength of Grex Gym lies in the strength of Greg’s own identity in helping others and providing his community with the best resources for personal growth and development through fitness. Greg first heard of "Functional Fitness" in a fitness magazine about 10 years ago. An athlete in tennis, soccer and football himself, Greg was suspiciously curious of what the "Functional Fitness" athletes were accomplishing and had to try it out for himself. He was hooked. “I thought I was pre

Training Men Vs. Women, Part I: What Color is the Dragon?

Training Men Vs. Women, Part I: What Color is the Dragon? The mission is simple: slay the dragon, get the girl. Or is it? How did the dragon get there? How well does it know the castle? Does the girl want to be saved? Does she love the dragon? What’s her name? Does the dragon have a name? Does the dragon have a family? Does the dragon ever sleep? What powers does the dragon have? What color is the dragon? Give a man a sword and a goal and he will slash, swing and charge his way to the castle tower - he’ll make it work. Women are different creatures entirely, as they excel in a process-based approach. This the balance of society. These, of course, are generalizations that require deeper insig

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