How to Sandbag Squat

Sandbag Squat with Julien Pineau and Richard Aceves Movements 0:17 On the way down, it is always Internal Torque (IT) 1:02 Two things to look out for while doing the sandbag squat (Don’t do) 1:37 What if the Sandbag was HEAVY? Does the movement change? 2:34 What state of mind should you have during the movement? 2:53 Coaching Key Point: the knees during IT


Last week, on the 6th of December, learning has changed forever I am not using a hyperbole. I feel changed by this, this has validated so many things in my life Stockfish is the leading Chess program out there. It is the World champion of computers, far better than any other humans. It is a continuation of Deep Blue who beat Kasparov 20 years ago Stockfish wins by brute force. It has been taught by humans all openings, end game tables, millions of games,etc... this plus its computation power makes it a monster. Last week it played Google Deep Mind’s Alphazero Alphazero is not a Chess program. It is a generalized AI. It means it is not created with a specific purpose in mind, but with a

Can you Dip Properly?

Here is our newest movement video on how to do bar dips properly. Again, if you understand the fundamental principles of the movement we can apply them to rings as well. Enjoy 1:16 What we DO NOT want to see during IT Dips (Max reps) 1:57 External Torque (ET) Dips and muscles to use within the ET Chain 3:00 DO NOT shrug

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