The StrongFit Equation: State vs. Action

At its core, the principles that underlie StrongFit are a system of learning. As the system continues to evolve, so do the structures that shape it and the concept of reinforcement learning presents a powerful allegory to how humans grow and adapt. Though easily buried by an abstract algorithm, the basic of Q-learning is this: success is found in moving beyond our mistakes and that our intention within the present matters. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be breaking down the Q-learning algorithm and what we can learn about human nature from this advancement in machine learning. Q-learning works by incrementally updating the expected values of actions in states based on the maximum possible re

Who is Kris Radican?

Why should you know Kris Radican? Because he’s the newest Certified StrongFit Coach! As a coach, Kris is knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. As a human being, he may portray a rough demeanor; but behind the bearded, hard-nosed face lies a teddy bear personality. What’s more, he follows the StrongFit fundamental principles to a T in all aspects of his training, coaching and running of his gym. Kris was the second person to ever send Julien a message about participating in Coaches Week back at StrongFit’s old Torrance, CA location. Two years later, he has been following the StrongFit principles at his gym, Crossfit ACR, in Panama City, Florida. He uses our formula starting with the o

The Digital Circus

What has transformed from a dusty warehouse gym in Southern California to a modern day ‘traveling circus’, the StrongFit method has seen a rapid transformation from fitness basics to training philosophy to educational framework. What may seem a team of misfit meatheads with varied accents is really a team of passionate educators, entrepreneurs, and humanists. The principles and methods that StrongFit teaches is implemented through movement and often odd-object training, but that’s merely the surface. StrongFit isn’t found in sandbags and sleds, neither is it even in the geekier content of torque chains or the central nervous system - first and foremost, StrongFit is a platform on how to lear

What is StrongFit

In the couple of years now I’ve known of StrongFit and movement master Julien Pineau, I’ve been privileged to sit front row to see the inspiring evolution of a culture. Certainly, StrongFit carries “more” in terms of knowledge and network than it started with or even from one year ago, but that’s just business. Julien hates business, so instead he defined a culture. Culture provides us with a framework by which we learn to live and grow. It allows us to have perspective on the stimulus around us, defining roles and a measure of norms. Culture also allows us to carry stories and lessons that allow us to shape, reshape and transform so that we may survive and thrive in community with others. C

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