The StrongFit Seminar and System

After an international flight, a full seminar, and last day of the Coaches week, with two mentoring calls in between and two days of shooting videos we came to film this. We were asked to share a 60-second clip of what the StrongFit seminar is and means to us. Well, what happened after is pure honesty, bad hair, and lots of cursing. Please enjoy our 15-minute clip of the seminar the system and everything in between.

What is the ‘Arch’ Concept?

If you look to the construction of early civilizations, it’s no doubt that builders and stone masons had incredible knowledge of the strongest shapes that would withstand the test of centuries. The arch has been prominent to architectural use for more than 2,000 years and is often regarded as the strongest construction, still commonly seen in bridge design today while the arches of ancient Rome bridges, aqueducts and centuries old European churches still stand. The elegance to the arch is in the semicircular construction that evenly distributes compression forces through it’s entire curve. In constructing an arch, however, it’s the very convergence of these pillars that proves most difficult

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