Utrecht Seminar and Coaches week Vlog

I’m Sara Solomon and I'm so excited to share with you my StrongFit Utrecht experience. Meet the StrongFit family! In this vlog, I share with you the biggest takeaways from this experience. I also discuss fear. There’s no denying that fear is a bully. It will boss you around, tell you not to try. Fear will make you do the opposite of what is best for you. Thanks for watching!

Applying StrongFit to your Tribe

Half a year before attending the first-ever StrongFit seminar in Europe, I had just opened up my gym. As for a lot of people, everything started with the now infamous Barbell Shrugged podcast. From that moment forward things changed - sometimes gradually, sometimes exponentially. The plan for my gym was not to be a franchised CrossFit box or a personal training center but rather to pave its own way in trying to help people experience the wealth of moving better, growing stronger and being challenged both physically & mentally, so they could be better outside the gym. That’s the way I wanted to make a difference. Not the most original idea (perhaps a mediocre idea at best), but it was and st

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