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StrongFit Presents: Carries

Join us in learning about the "how-to's" of carries and common faults! 

This module includes:

  • Instructional video: carry how-to's and common faults 
  • Content: Insight into the utility and significance of carries for your training or practice. 
  • Exercise: Instruction on how to perform a variety of carries such as the sandbag, yoke, and farmer's carry  

Before we get into each carry, you'll want to know what you are working towards. To answer that question, we have the s pyramid. The base of the s pyramid is the structure, and the bigger the base the higher the pyramid can be built. 

You can think of these numbers as means goals, to test to see if your structure is strong enough to handle the complex exercise. 

We will use a lower-skilled exercise (the carry) to make sure that the muscles needed for the complex exercise can act accordingly and sustain the load. 

For the sandbag carry, you should be able to carry 50% of your 1RM deadlift for at least 80 meters and you need to pick up the bag from the ground. (Yes I am aware that it is easier if you set it on a box) Add a turn to test the obliques even more. 

For the yoke carry, you should be able to carry 160% of you 1RM back squat for 80 meters. This is a great test to show you your structure unilaterally. 

For the farmer's carry, you should be able to carry 50% of your 1RM deadlift per arm. If you are good at math, you know that this means that you will be walking with 100 percent of your deadlift. 

For the one-arm overhead carry, you should be able to carry 35% of your 1RM jerk for about 20 meters. There is no turning here, but you will need overhead stability. 


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