Welcome to the MultiVerse

Our community is hosted on the Strongfit Multiverse on the social platform MightyNetworks.

It is like having our own Facebook, but without having to deal with the Blue Pill. You are clickS away from being beamed to our multiverse and its infinite rabbit holes. The Strongfit Multiverse is free to access so do not worry about the sign-up process.

Beam me up, Scotty





                                      Our Groups

             The Community is developed as a tier system. Each upper tier gives access to the lower tiers


This our level 1 character. He cannot level up that much but still higher than most.

This is the place where we post the podcasts, training videos, sandbag workouts and announce stuff. Questions are welcomed.

  • Strongfit Podcasts
  • Stupide Podcasts
  • Critique Videos
  • Sprint Drills
  • Q&As
  • ...and more




Super Saiyan

Level 2 character. Not powered up yet but the potential is much higher.

Here we post the Sprint Drills (extended), the Grappling Template, training videos, the Strongfit Underground Press (where I go at the world), and more in depth everything. 

You can also post any questions you have and yes even about yourself and your training.

  • Extended Sprint Drills
  • Grappling template
  • Underground Press
  • Training Videos
  • ...and more

14.99$ per month 

Julien's Corner

Level 2 character, powered up. This is the place where I love to interact with my people - the Saiyan race.

Ill answer about any question here. This place also will grant you access to all the templates, the Julien's Corner Podcast, my training videos, the Workout of the Day, and the Strongfit Saiyan group as well.

  • All templates
  • Julien's Corner Podcast
  • All questions answered directly by Julien
  • Julien training day
  • Access to all the other groups
  • ...and more

69.99$ per month




We have 2 options

  • the Mentoring Program
  • 1-on-1 with Julien

The Mentoring Program

This group gives you access to everything. Closer follow-ups, a call & group devoted to assessments, access to all the modules, the list goes on...

You also can intern at Seminars and Coaches Weeks (upon approval).

  • Access to all Groups 
  • Access to all Modules
  • 1-on-1 call with Julien each month
  • Groups calls monthly
  • ...and more

350$ per month

1-on-1 Coaching with Julien

This is the top of the mountain, your complete access to the Multiverse, including Professor Xavier himself (or is it Master Roshi?)

  • Access to the Mentoring Program
  • Access to all Groups and Modules
  • Individualised programing
  • Individualised nutrition
  • Weekly calls
  • Access through Texts and emails
  • etc.... you get the idea

520$ per month

                                      Our Modules

    Modules are our education courses

So you will see modules for the Deadlift, Squat, Shoulder Health, Programing,etc...Our 8-Weeks courses fall under modules as well. Just click and you will have access to our Anti-Library of education.

Some are free, others paying.