The StrongFit 2-day seminar is the first step in learning our principles and how you can begin to apply them to yourself and those you coach. The seminar is for both athletes and coaches and begins to explain such concepts as analyzing weaknesses, finding your key-log and training for both general health to elite performance. 


StrongFit Seminar Learning Objectives

After completing the StrongFit Seminar, “Principles and Philosophy of Training,” participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the key principles and philosophies of the StrongFit training methodology.

  • Define internal and external torque.

  • Define homeostasis and hormesis.

  • Distinguish between training intensity and pain.

  • Apply/program StrongFit movements for individual athletes as well as in a group class setting.

  • Properly perform StrongFit openers and exercises.

  • Understand how to properly apply torque in the use of sandbags, sleds, yokes and other Strongman equipment.


StrongFit Weekend Outline

  • Day 1 

    • 3 rules of exercise

    • Control Function

    • Torque

    • Arch Concept

    • Movement Patterns

    • Critical Mass

    • Movement Box

    • Intensity Vs Pain

  • Day 2

    • WES scale

    • Cyclical Vs Acyclical training 

    • Pyramids

      • Main pyramid

      • S - Pyramid

      • M - Pyramid

      • P - Pyramid



      • GPP class vs 1 on 1

      • TYQ

      • TAO 


Movement Covered throughout the weekend:

  • Oblique Opener and progressions

  • Shoulder Opener

  • Bicep Opener

  • Hinging

  • Jefferson

  • Sandbag carry 

  • Sandbag Squats

  • Sandbag Press

  • Med-ball T-spine Opener

  • Pec Flex Sesh

  • Sled Drags

  • Sled Sprint

  • Rope Pulls​



Coaches Week 1 will expand on the principles of the StrongFit Seminar, presenting a vast amount of information that will allow you to gain more knowledge of movement, performance, training, and coaching.


Specifically, you will spend time on the following concepts:

  • Nervous systems

  • Training men vs. women

  • Torque

  • Programming

  • Exercises used by StrongFit

  • Assessments


The week will also include several practical training sessions that begin with an explanation of what you are about to do, why and how.


Learning Objectives

Coaches Week 1 teaches participants how to:

  • Perform an assessment to identify/diagnose athlete imbalances and weaknesses.

  • Perform and teach all StrongFit opener exercises: external obliques, t-spine, shoulder, inside the head of hamstrings, biceps, triceps and more.

  • Assess, correct and perform the proper hinge pattern.

  • Assess, correct and perform the proper pressing pattern, using the single-arm overhead press, single-arm bench press, sandbag presses and dips

  • Assess, correct and perform the squat pattern using the Jefferson squat, sumo deadlift, Anderson squat, sandbag squat, barbell back squat

  • Assess, correct and perform the pull pattern. Exercises include the dumbbell row, Yates row, Pendlay row, and proper pull-up technique.

  • Write balanced training protocols for a variety of athletes.



Completion of two-day StrongFit Seminar

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