As a coach, i get to see all kind of athletes going through my assessments (btw i call anybody willing to go through my training sessions an athletes, if you have the courage to show up you surely earned the title),from World-class to more common level, younger to older

Once in a while i even get someone that surprises me,and that is always awesome.I was just reminded that toughness comes in different shapes and not to under-estimate the human spirit.As a coach this was another great experience but as a human being it was an even better one.It was a reminder that fighting through is all that matters,to me anyway.

The setting was a typical one at my gym.A guy asked for an assessment,back pain is setting in and he had to stop training.So here comes William,an unassuming guy walking in.His background in athletics was small,shall we say, but willing to put the work in.A few of my coaches were present so this offered me the perfect opportunity to show them how i conduct an assessment on someone not familiar with the movements we use at Strongfit.Right away i spotted the real issue,the posterior chain is not where it should be and specially the glutes.We went through our standardized assessment mostly to make sure i didn't miss anything and also for my coaches to see me put someone through it.I knew the fun would start outside though.

The rope pull was hard and going into the sled drags was already falling into the abyss for William.Being able to drag while keeping the body upright requires strong glutes and it wasn't happening for him.Mission Kill Bill was on its way.

2 sets in and he is on the floor,writhing in pain.Of course i took my selfie with him and was about to tell him he was done.

At this point Trixie said out loud : " man,Coach you should make him do the harness,i would love to see what happens if he has weak glutes"

Now,i enjoy people's suffering as much as the next guy (probably a bit more) but i knew the harness was exactly what William could NOT do.That movement is the harshest on the posterior chain and on your conditioning,and he was already cramping from the warm-up drags.But here comes a voice coming from the floor going "i'm game!!"

Granted William had no clue of what was coming next but nonetheless this was taking some balls.He collected himself,went straight to the prowler and put the harness on

You can all imagine what happened next: he DIED

At the end of the first length,all 4 of us (Trixie,Chai,Davon and i) are laughing,talking how bad this must be hurting poor William and taking a few Strongfit selfies as we call them (just check my IG to see the result).I didn't feel bad because i was pretty sure William was not aware of it,rolling on the ground as he was.Btw he still had to take the prowler back,so off he went...

I have rarely met someone who was so willing to go through pain and did so in front of a crowd of people he did not know.And this was coming from an unassuming guy,a "non-athlete" with no desire to compete in "Functional Fitness" or anything else.He was just there to learn more about himself

What a lesson in humanity

Thank you William

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