Burn the questions

March 2, 2016

If you know about me,you are familiar with the fact that people leave my gym in a “slightly” altered state

The steps involve different uses of the Prowler,lots of pain,a feeling of death approaching and finally a selfie of me standing on top of your crushed soul with my tongue out


Yesterday morning I had a guy who got absolutely destroyed. He started puking halfway through the workout, so I knew it was going to be glorious. He ended up puking 4 times,one after each exercise.The last one was on himself in the fetal position.Just awesome

But is there really a point in putting people through this?  Well yes

First of all not everyone is capable of pushing hard enough to go to that point. It requires a certain intensity to go there.Some people will leave my gym in one piece on conditioning sessions,and that means that they did not go as hard as they could/should have.The better you do on the Prowler,the worst you'll feel.

Second, people have the wrong idea about pain. It is assumed that we have pain receptors and that they fire when harm is being caused. It comes to reason that pushing too hard will result in injury, right?  Wrong

We do not have pain receptors, we have intensity receptors.That fallacy comes from Descartes, over 4 centuries ago,who introduced the idea (an improvement at the time, even though the concept is wrong)

It is the brain who interprets the signal, deciding whether or not the situation presents a chance of harm. That's right, pain is an interpretation,not a reality.

The main problem with that is that you can get really good at interpreting pain, you can train yourself to feel more of it, being more aware of it even without causation. Pu**ies literally feel more pain, they're not lying

The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper until you are left unable to go outside any comfort zone

But this also means that we can train ourselves to go the other way. That by going through discomforts that do not result in injuries we can "prove" to the brain that pain is a lie,that pain is a mindset, that everything is just intensity. That there is no difference between comfort and discomfort,no reason to fret.We can push through any barrier.That is why i push people so hard

To go so hard safely though,we need a few things done right.Obviously we want to use an exercise that cannot cause injuries, otherwise we are back learning to avoid pain

This is where the Prowler comes in

What we want here is something that can be done at high volume and intensity without creating too much damage on the tissues.Being low eccentric based,the Prowler fits the bill perfectly

Something not weight bearing so as to save the joints,and low skill so that it insures the mind will give in first.Again check and check

In short the Prowler is a perfect tool to train and teach you 

So push the Prowler to train your mind.Push the Prowler to push your limits.Push it because at the end of that parking lot you will be different,push it because nothing else matters

Choose a correct way to do this and go to your parking lot

Burn the questions,burn your doubts,burn who you were,burn everything 

See if you can make your soul bleed.



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