The Tricep Opener

March 4, 2016

Today will not be about destroying someone in the parking lot,even though today was indeed a good day.I want to talk instead about assistance work.I am a big fan of it and i will talk here about the Tricep opener.



This video will explain the technical points


This exercise was designed to help with overhead effiency.

We all know that if the lats lack full range of motion,the abilty to press directly overhead will be negatively impacted.From there 2 things can happen,you will either dump the weight forward (as we see often on the snatch) or you will have to arch excessively in order to compensate.


Many times i see athletes work on their range of motion by using passive stretching,and that is a big issue as it is not mobility acquired under tension.That is a monumental difference.Do not get yourself into a position without earning it first (the consequences are dire).A weak muscle is a short muscle,and elongating it without strengthening it will only make the matter worse.


What we want instead is to strengthen it through the full range of mo