Find your Why

March 8, 2016

The people that seek me out are either hurt,about to get hurt or stuck in their training.VERY rarely will athletes stick around without one of those reasons.The training is very intense and demanding,frustrating mentally as my job is to find your weaknesses and kill you with them.The first few weeks will be spent building you up structurally and/or fixing your deficiencies.To go successfully through this you need a very clear Why

Simon Sinek talks about this in his fascinating Ted talk


The mental approach is something CJ Martin from Invictus is a master at.That is one of the reasons it was so easy to convince me to move to San Diego.I remember going there the first time right before the 2015 Games to help the team.I was amazed at everybody's mindset.They were all coachable,appreciative and very eager to learn.Not something i necessarely expected when coaching a group of 15 Game's athletes grouped together.I knew right then CJ was doing something very right

I will talk about the Why from my own perspective

If you read this it means you probably know i have coached Valerie Voboril for the past 2 years.She is someone incredibly talented and equally busy.She juggles a full time job (as a teacher no less),being a mom to her 4 year old daughter Vin and a wife to her husband Steven.Oh and she does Crossfit on the side.Needless to say,her training time is limited.What this means is that every session has to COUNT,she cannot afford to have a mediocre session.The level of intensity she puts into every movement is unparalleled.She has managed to excell in the sport for years now,thanks to that mental intensity and  she is an athlete that has counted on her mental approach more than any other i have ever had.She is the perfect example of what mental toughness can bring you in life

Last year at Regionals,even though she was in her best shape,she came undone on the first 2 wods.The bottom line is that she had lost her Why.The fun was gone and she just did not want to be there (there were many reasons for that that and i discussed those previously on the Wodcast Podcast).I am talking about this here because of what happened next

On Saturday morning she was done with the competition and ready to go home.She then had a long talk with her dad,and whatever was said,it struck a nerve.She came back rejuvenated and focused.She had found her Why again (about 8 mns before her heat started...)

She then proceeded to do very well on all the wods,and with a smile on her face


She ended up not qualifying for the Games as she had lost too many points but put her best efforts on Sunday still.I think this was one of my best moment as a coach

This is just to illustrate how important your mental approach is.Find your Why,trust me this is by far the most important part of your training and one where your coach(es) cannot help you.You'll hear me say often that you have to own your training.Do that

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