The future of Strongfit

March 25, 2016

There has been a lot of changes at Strongfit lately

I am moving permanentely to San Diego in June (still coming back to LA once a week).Invictus is opening a 12000 sqft new facility on 10999 Sorrento Valley Rd in San Diego (near Torrey Pines),and it will be my home base.The Strongfit gym in Torrance will stay open,and in order to get that going i am currently training coaches.I will include their bios on the website

Chai and Davon Brazil will be in charge of Powerlifting at Strongfit

Tina Angelotti and Trixie Arya will take care of the "Functional Fitness" part & also Gymnastic for Tina

Richard Aceves is my assistant and main coach.You'll hear a lot more about him,as he will help me in San Diego and with the seminars

Matt Barlow will be my man in England and help set things up in Europe

The Strongfit Seminars are officially on :)  we will start with the first 2 here in Torrance in July.Following this i plan to do a few in Europe in August (Germany,Holland,England)

This year i will also most likely go to Australia

I get a lot of questions,usually through the podcasts i do so i figured a once per week Q & A video would be good.Ill start this week and answer the best questions.Ill also follow up with a blog to answer the ones i could not get to

Basically i am getting busy this year

I always talk about the need for the Why,so let me explain mine

I see a need for a field for Movement Specialists.There is special purgatory for athletes between physical therapy and high-intensity, functional training and very few people with the skills to help navigate through those muddy waters

From the emails i get,i know there are a lot of people out there with the will to learn on that subject,but nowhere to go to get the knowledge and structure.I can either complain about it or try to fix it.I am choosing the later.In the next few (tens of) years ill do my best to create a structure where smarter people can get the ball rolling toward a field of movement specialists.I am arrogant enough to think i can get this done and delusional enough to go for it

Ill just burn the questions 

















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