Lessons from Julien

October 22, 2016

My name is Sarah Loogman - I’m a "Functional Fitness" athlete, outdoor hobbyist, cat lover, early riser and the most recent addition to the StrongFit entourage. May of you, surely, are curious to learn more about Julien Pineau and get into the wirings of the movement mastermind himself so this is my summary of my time on the European seminar tour. Here are the 5 things that I learned:


1. Drink good coffee. Espresso, that is. I’ve never met a man who drinks more espresso or is more particular about it than Julien, but perhaps that’s because I’ve never spent much time with a European. But, it must be done right. I’m not kidding that one morning it took a trip to three different coffee shops to get the right cup of joe. Julien knows a good thing and he’s dedicated to it, just as he is to the principles that he teaches. The sacrifices made or money spent does not matter as much as it does that goodness and quality