Shoulder Mobility

April 17, 2017

  • Shoulder Opener - Internal torque

    • Better mobility for overhead position. The point of this movement is to create better range of motion while maintaining proper torque and tension in any overhead position (from presses to snatches). We want to ensure that you maintain Internal torque meaning creating tension in the lat, chest, and short head of the bicep. If you are feeling your traps overly or experience shoulder pain you may very well be creating improper torque therefore cheating your true mobility. Always remember it is not what you do but how you do it. Take your time and perfect the mobility of the shoulders.

      • Requires lat, chest and short head of bicep to be active

    • The set up

      • Arms extend out to the sides with chest and lat active. Elbows point to the ground, the hands are in line with the ears.

    • Sets and reps

      • 2 sets

        • 5 - bicep curls with palms facing the sky

        • 5 - bicep curls with a neutral grip

        • 5 - Staright arm lateral raises to over head position palms facing the sky

        • 5 -straight arm raises to over head position neutral grip

    • Faults

      • External torque and/or rotation

      • Elbows dropping on  biceps curls

      • Shoulder rising on straight arm raises

      • Losing pec or lat tension on any of the movements




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