Become A Better Coach/athlete

April 19, 2017

I get asked a lot what my advice is on how to get better as a coach and as an athlete.Evolution does not lie, you need to learn to play. For a million years all mammals have learned new skills by playing, their survival depended on it. We saw that animals that grow up in captivity without siblings will perish in the wild because of their lack of skills


Not enough of us are willing to experiment with things to find out an answer for ourselves
If you want to get better you need to take the time to develop an understanding to learn the difference between engaging your Teres Major and your Latissimus Dorsi. You have to be willing to go to the Globogym today and spend one hour on Lat Pull-downs to finding out for yourself the difference between the 2. For yourself this is the most important part. You cannot find all the answers from books (or from a vlog), that is just information,a road map so to speak. Knowledge comes from experimentation and curiosity is your greatest weapon

You tell me you want to be better, but are you willing to spend 45 minutes on an elliptical machine turning your external obliques on to understand hinging? Many are not.