Do you want to fix your NAGGING shoulder?

April 24, 2017


Bicep Opener

Better mobility for short head of bicep and chest.  The point of this movement is to create better range of motion while maintaining proper torque and tension in any deep pushing position, such as, dips, bench press, reverse lever. We want to ensure that you maintain internal torque meaning creating tension in the chest, short head of bicep and lat. If you feel the pressure on the elbow or shoulder these are signs of improper torque. If you notice the shoulders rise or loss of tension on the pec you may be displacing the movement to cheat range of motion.



    • Requires Lat, Pec minor, Short head of the bicep.

    • The Set Up

      • Lay on a bench with low back flat on the bench. The legs are up and curled into torso and the chin is tucked into the chest. The shoulders are pulled down by lat engagement. The bring arms down as slow as possible as long as we can still keep pec minor and short head of the bicep engaged. If you feel pressure on your elbow it is a clear sign of lack of Internal torque and proper tension.

    • Sets and reps

      • 2 Sets

        • 5 Bicep Curls palms up

        • 5 Bicep Curls neutral grip

        • 5 Straight arm raises to mid thigh

        • 5 Neutral straight arm raises to mid thigh

    • Faults

      • External torque (loss of tension in bicep and chest)

        • You will see shoulder drop and or pressure on the elbow

      • Raising of shoulder during any part of the exercise

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