Learn to refuse

April 25, 2017

I am a single father raising a 12 year old girl.
I often make fun of the situation, but the truth is that she is so easy to deal with. She is the sweetest thing you have ever met. She is Kind, funny and adorable
My heart melts every time i see her smile

We have been inseparable from the moment she was born. We are built the same, physically and mentally. I have learned so much about myself just watching her. I see her build rooms in her head all the time. She is headstrong and incapable of quitting. Her frustration at not figuring things out as fast as she should makes me smile. This morning i was having a conversation with her about what our lives look like right now, incredible yet 

unconventional. I told her i saw a different girl in front of me now.


She is far more independent and confident. Something I realized had changed in her and it resonated deeply within me.
She has learned to refuse to accept certain situations as a possibility.
She now studies on her own because she does not want the stress of failure. She trains on her own because she does not want to be weak.
And suddenly it hit me that this is why i am successful. I have done my greatest things in life because I have refused the alternative.
There was always a voice inside me offering an opportunity to quit. I have come to hate that voice, I have learned to burn those questions both physically as mentally. I did that 1000# Yoke Carry because there was just nothing that would stop me.
I gained my knowledge of movement because I refused to think there was not a way to figure it out. 

Every time I hit a wall I did not look for a reason outside of myself, I just looked within me for a different perspective. 

The answer is always within you.
Before we can accomplish anything we have to first refuse the alternative.

My daughter is learning to burn the questions. What a fantastic thing 



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