The Cost of Excellence

April 29, 2017

Intensity, in theory, is simple. In practice, however, we seem to have escaped it. This very life and breath of fitness has been watered down in our community where we once embraced it and we have diluted a thing so potent in it’s effect in order to produce the thing that sells. 


We are a culture who wants more. We sacrifice quality and we hack at the corners of so much that is good in the name of creating More. More is attractive, More is marketable, More sells. The same has come true in the evolution of fitness and the thing that is More is volume. 


What if, rather than “What more can I do?” we instead asked the question, “How can I do this better?”. Why is it that when we aim to make improvements and become better athletes and humans, we first seek to increase the amount of things that we do? Could we attain the outcomes we’re looking for simply by doing the same things better? How then, can we actually be better?