Ten Thousand Passionate Hours

May 2, 2017

When someone pops an ankle, get in an accident, etc. they know where to go.

They will go see a doctor, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor, etc. not you.

Your clients come to see you to move better. They come to see you to be able to play with their kids, play sports on the weekends, not get hurt picking up their keys from the floor, etc.. We are not a poor's man version of a chiropractor We are martial arts teachers, our specialty is the art of movement. All artists from chefs, to painters, to dancers have one thing in common: How much of their time they spent experimenting on each movement, answering each of their own questions, looking at each possibility. Your specialty is movement. Study motion, not dead bodies and do not let anyone fool you: this is about you, about how much you are willing to put into this. This is not about 10000 hours, this is about 10000 passionate hours. Start spending an hour everyday answering your own questions. If you do not know something, go find out Each question must be answered, by you and for you.



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