The Power of a Question

May 17, 2017

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein


A question marks the beginning of discovery. A question leads us to the start of a journey and intrigues us to do more, know more, or become more. A question asks for more than an answer; it calls for action. 


We all begin life as hyper-questioners. If you have children or often spend time with children, you know first hand how true this is. As we age, however, we’ve been taught to stop asking questions and to find the short answer whenever and wherever possible. Professionalism is marked by all-knowing adults who have been trained away from the “need” to ask questions and the ability to simplify thoughts and ideas. We have grown afraid to ask the questions which move us into a world of unknown and sometimes unknowable, yet perhaps it is in this very void that we ought to search for the things that can change us. 


A question may propel you into a personal challenge to be bold and daring. The quest to answer a debate of the soul may transform not only your own self but the world around you. The adventure in asking compelling questions such as Who am I? or What am I capable of? or What fulfills me? or Why do I do what I do? can lead to a more purpose-driven life rich of fulfillment and new ideas. 


It does not require a particular skill to change the world around you, but rather a tireless interest in the things that others are not willing to dwell on. 


Be bravely curious and ask yourself a beautiful question. 

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