Why Use a Sandbag

May 3, 2017

It’s no secret that StrongFit loves sandbags. Here’s a few reasons why…


Sandbag movements are generally easier to learn. Barbell movements can take months, if not years, to master yet it can take a matter of minutes to safely and effectively learn how to move a bag of sand. This makes sandbags a more inclusive tool to the general fitness community and a quicker on-ramp to high class fitness. 


The asymmetrical loading of a bag leads to greater core training. The anti-flexion stresses of a sandbag are significantly greater than that of a barbell and the unpredictability of a bag can help fill the gaps of an otherwise very controlled environment created by machines, kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells. 


It’s more functional. It’s much more likely that you are going to lift something that mimics an awkward, misshapen bag of sand in real life than a perfectly loaded, collared barbell. When it comes to truly functional and “human” movement, the sandbag is King. Movement should predicate exercise. 


A sandbag allows for a greater diversity of training. Sandbags are great for holds, carries, and movements within the frontal plane versus the sagittal plane dominant movements that populate conventional exercise. Again, this can help fill the voids left in most people’s training routines to help avoid injury and optimize athletic performance across all fields. 


Life isn’t perfect and neither are sandbags. They’re awkward and they’re uncomfortable which is exactly the vital variable needed for a successful training system. Imperfect elements are paramount to pushing forward progression. 


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