Women Training Differently than Men

August 8, 2017

Women must train differently than men.  The fact that women continue to be placed into programming designed for men is why we see their progress eventually stall, injury occur, and overall potential failed to be reached.  Here we are going to discuss the creation of the StrongFit Women's Group, the psychological effects that "Functional Fitness" has had on an entire generation of women, and the ‘why’ behind the fact that we believe that women must train differently than men if they are to reach their fullest potential.



Here at StrongFit we are very happy to announce the new launch of our latest Facebook Group, StrongFit Women's Group.  This is a group that is ran for women by women and overall purpose is to give women a safe place to discuss issues specific to women's training, application of StrongFit Principles based off of the data we have seen from "Functional Fitness" over the last five to seven years, and allow us to continue to hypothesize, test, and push the fitness industry towards making women better in gyms across the world.  


One of the biggest reasons why we believe that there should be a separate group dedicated solely to women's training is the fact that we believe that men and women must train differently and the reasons might be less obvious than you might have originally assumed.  We have been working for months on this topic and are ready to release the StrongFit template series dedicated entirely for women.  this is something that "Functional Fitness" has proven this is why I will release the template for women that will be geared towards them and not men it'll be geared towards more volume and more conditioning because it's very necessary and the Facebook group will also allow me to get the data from all the women that do the template where they can post the results on the Facebook group and will be able to get that data and will be able to get better training for women that is designed for women and this is one of the many reasons why we wanted to start the group.


The fitness industry must give credit where credit is due and the fact is

undeniable that "Functional Fitness" has changed the way women train forever.  We see a vast Improvement in women greater than anything we've ever seen before and "Functional Fitness" has has literally created an entire generation of women that want to be jacked, that want to be strong, more muscular, and train for performance and not just to look good or look tone.  StrongFit wants to see this continue and we want to see a new generation of lifters, those 14-15 year old girls, to understand that muscles are good, being strong is good, and to continue to work towards that goal.  


The world of strength and conditioning has missed the train on a concept that "Functional Fitness" has at it’s foundation and is one of the most important and determining factors towards the success of "Functional Fitness" female athletes: Conditioning.  First, we must understand that there's "Functional Fitness": the training system and "Functional Fitness": the sport; they're two different things.  And to explain our theory behind our point weI want to use "Functional Fitness": the sport as a data provider to explain further.  Five years ago Lindsey Valenzuela was the first one to snatch 200 lbs at the CrossFiT Games and at the time it was conside