Greg Passed his Test!

September 20, 2017

StrongFit is proud to announce its first certified coach, Greg Rath.


Greg owns ‘Grex Gym’ in Vienna, Austria and has been closely involved with StrongFit since first hearing the Barbell Shrugged podcasts in 2015. The strength of Grex Gym lies in the strength of Greg’s own identity in helping others and providing his community with the best resources for personal growth and development through fitness.


Greg first heard of "Functional Fitness" in a fitness magazine about 10 years ago. An athlete in tennis, soccer and football himself, Greg was suspiciously curious of what the "Functional Fitness" athletes were accomplishing and had to try it out for himself. He was hooked.


“I thought I was pretty fit at that time playing soccer and doing some strength training,” said Greg. “Well, I wasn’t.”


"Functional Fitness" had just begun to expand in Europe at this time, coming in from the Scandinavian countries and the UK. Just a few months after trying out his first "Functional Fitness" workout, Greg found himself in the first "Functional Fitness" gym in Vienna, doing “Fran.”


Greg would start performing "Functional Fitness" workouts a few sessions a week from that point on, in addition to his field sports. After taking his CFL1 course in London in 2010, he would start coaching part time in the evenings while still working as a marketing manager.


Then came the tipping point. Greg quit his day job and opened his own gym in 2012. After a few transitions, Greg is now the head coach and owner of Grex Gym that employs four full time coaches and about 200 members.


Greg first heard of Julien through the Invictus blog, quickly followed by the Barbell Shrugged podcasts. Having dealt with many injuries himself, yet accepting them as “the way it is,” the podcasts really stood out to Greg. Greg attended the second ever StrongFit seminar in Torrance, California in July of 2016.


“Julien forced me to think about the ‘common sense’ of training,” said Greg. “I went home and started to apply what he told us at the seminar and what fascinated me most and kept me going was the principles behind it.”


That first seminar was followed up with more seminars in Graz and Nurnberg as well as four attendances to the Coaches Week 1 in London, Nuremberg, Antwerp,and Los Angeles. Then, completing his Coaches Week 2 and Coaches Test in his hometown of Vienna. Greg’s commitment to the StrongFit principles and his pursuit for increasing knowledge and community make him a powerful addition to the StrongFit team.


Welcome, Greg!


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