Traveling Circus

November 9, 2017

The business consultant leaves just as he came, an unnamed visitor. Like an airport transfer, he is in No Man’s Land. He does his business but he is unseen. 


The circus troupe brings in a family, a way of living. They set up tents and play their music, citizens to the City of the Moment. They’ll be asked to come back. 


The fitness world is ridden with 12-week strength packages, 10-day ab blasters, and 2-week cleanses. Weekend seminars, conferences, and workshops flitter across the map. Experts and elites unload their information on an audience they’ll never truly speak to, they’ll never know their names. A community needs connection. 


At StrongFit, we recognize the emptiness and disconnect left by the business consultant approach and we want to change the way the fitness community grows and interacts. Instead of lining up with the suits and ties, we’re joining the circus. Creating it, that is. 


The seminar tour will be changing seasons as we move into a new era for StrongFit. Though this model will mean more courses and opportunity for coaches, at the heart of it lies a deep passion for building community. The circus will always travel, but it must set up its tents and create home for awhile. 


This new approach will mean that StrongFit will make home base in a corner of the world for longer periods of time, maybe months, from which it will help to connect the fitness communities of the area. By connecting gym owners, coaches and athletes, we hope to allow for a system of communication of knowledge rather than a purge of information. We want to coach with, train with and learn with these communities as we help build them up. 


The educational content will include not only the current list of Seminars and Coaches weeks, but additional specialty courses that have yet to be determined. We recognize the need for additional seminars to address more specific matters of the system that can’t fit into the current agenda, including programming and performance. 


If we focused less on agenda and more on relationships, our cultures would be far less divided. We would share information, not sell it, and we would build up communities. Our proverbial families need less detached businessmen, bringing in information with no real understanding or investment, and instead need the envelopment of a summer time circus to reassemble community spirit. 

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