The Digital Circus

January 17, 2018

What has transformed from a dusty warehouse gym in Southern California to a modern day ‘traveling circus’, the StrongFit method has seen a rapid transformation from fitness basics to training philosophy to educational framework. What may seem a team of misfit meatheads with varied accents is really a team of passionate educators, entrepreneurs, and humanists. The principles and methods that StrongFit teaches is implemented through movement and often odd-object training, but that’s merely the surface. StrongFit isn’t found in sandbags and sleds, neither is it even in the geekier content of torque chains or the central nervous system - first and foremost, StrongFit is a platform on how to learn.


Reinforcement learning is a term used for machine learning, inspired by behaviorist psychology and modeled on the Markov Decision Process. MDP is a framing scenario in which an agent takes an action in a particular environment which produces a certain reward or result, which is then measured for the resulting state and fed back into the loop again. This stands in contrast to supervised learning which learns from labeled data. While reinforcement learning encourages exploration of new territory and does not recognize “mistakes” to actually be failure, supervised learning assumes a preconceived notion of what should or should not be learned and mistakes are punished or made corrected.


What reinforcement learning shows us is that being human - trying new things and accepting failure as a lesson - is the best way to learn. Education, then, becomes driven by mentorship and community rather than authority and power. On the other hand, supervised learning teaches us that mistakes are inherently wrong and often discourages us from taking risk or pursuing creative process. Reinforcement learning simply reminds us that we were meant to explore.


StrongFit began with grungy, dusty strongman workouts in a parking lot in LA, but has grown to a system that could, in theory, teach anything - it’s not a training system and it’s not a school system, it’s a community and culture. Through a combination of online and offline teaching, StrongFit helps people to reframe their mindset, shed the restraints of supervised learning, and start something new - with others, but not like the others. True failure only ever comes in not doing and not trying at all.   


Class is in session. Tune in: