My StrongFit Coaches Journey: The Seminar

May 12, 2018


The Beginning of Understanding Fundamental Patterns of Human Movement 

The climate in strength and conditioning is changing, and in some ways not for the better.  Yes, the industry it at an all-time high and there are more fitness facilities than ever before, but what is really happening underneath the surface? Social media showcases modern-day Greek gods lifting unimaginable weights and performing amazing gymnastics feats.  And everyone wants to be just like them. People join their local CrossFit Affiliate and believe they, in three short months, can be on the path to becoming the next Rich Froning.  This is changing how we coach, program and treat our athletes. Good coaches know that having clients go balls-out on highly-technical skills like muscle ups, handstand push-ups and snatches is a recipe for disaster. But it’s happening. Coaches, business owners, and athlete