My StrongFit Coaches Journey: The Seminar

The Beginning of Understanding Fundamental Patterns of Human Movement

The climate in strength and conditioning is changing, and in some ways not for the better. Yes, the industry it at an all-time high and there are more fitness facilities than ever before, but what is really happening underneath the surface? Social media showcases modern-day Greek gods lifting unimaginable weights and performing amazing gymnastics feats. And everyone wants to be just like them. People join their local CrossFit Affiliate and believe they, in three short months, can be on the path to becoming the next Rich Froning. This is changing how we coach, program and treat our athletes. Good coaches know that having clients go balls-out on highly-technical skills like muscle ups, handstand push-ups and snatches is a recipe for disaster. But it’s happening. Coaches, business owners, and athletes alike need to get on board with smarter training. Could we do more? The answer is yes! It is our duty to do everything in our power to do right by our athletes and positively change their lives.

Why would a coach, a gym owner, physical therapist, or a broken athlete take the StrongFit seminar?

If you own or coach at a strength and conditioning facility, CrossFit gym or weightlifting club, you have a passion for helping others. Otherwise, why would you be you coaching? We are all continuously seeking solutions to the issues we have with our clients and ourselves. Injuries, improper movement, burned-out athletes and coaches are all huge problems in many gyms, sports teams, and even medical practices. Many of us struggle with finding a solution to these problems, but it is a troublesome task and downright frustrating. There comes a time when we, as fitness professionals, need to say “enough is enough” and take ownership of that fact that what we are doing is not good enough. Are our athletes moving well? Could they have better mechanics? Could they have more fun in their training, rather than stressing about their next personal record? As coaches and business owners, we need to find a way to think outside of the “box” and implement solutions rather than ignoring the problems. We all love CrossFit, BUT we all know that there are continuous injuries and underlying problems. Specialization leads to overuse injuries and imbalances, so in order to give our athletes the capability to continue progressing, they must work on those imbalances. We must help them save themselves. That is exactly what StrongFit aims to do. StrongFit is a training method that can be adjusted and contoured to any sport or training program. It is the understanding of fundamental movement patterns within the human body. Most think this is a complicated system, yet it is exactly the opposite. It is simple, concise, and adaptable for any coach or gym.

The StrongFit seminar is all about Principles of Movement

The seminar is a simple introduction into the understanding of fundamental patterns of human movement. These principles are used to help coaches determine an athlete’s weaknesses. Most of these deficiencies are caused by improper movement over the years, past incorrect movement patterns or injuries from sport specificity. Fixing imbalances is done simply through reestablishing proper movement, with the use of GPP exercises such as sandbag squats, sled sprints, yoke carries and other fun, intense exercises. Remember: it’s not what you do, but how you do it. These are not just strongman exercises or GPP. There is a specific technique involved with all of these movements and a purpose as to why we prescribe them. That is where the magic lies. Most movements have very little eccentrics and they are low skill, so if performed correctly, any athlete can achieve the right stimulus, whether it is just to fix a glute maximus weakness, an inactive teres major, or if you just want to deliver an intense finisher for the training program that day. No matter the reason, the principles can be used to achieve a goal for the day. The seminar is really just the tip of the iceberg - the foundation of the principles and how to simply start in incorporate simple movements into training. The real goal is to start to think outside the established norm and begin to look at movement, training, and coaching in a different way.

Why StrongFit Principles in your Gym

Ask yourself: why do you do what you do? Why are you a coach? Why are you a gym owner? As a coach or business owner, or both, you know that nothing is more fulfilling than making a difference in people’s lives. Additionally, having the freedom to be creative is empowering, thus you create your own success in your coaching career or success in your business. So, are you taking ownership of what you do? Or are you just coaching like everyone else? Are you running your business like everyone else? As coaches and business owners, our success and failures are entirely on us. We create our paths in our lives. Can we agree on that? So, why should we settle on how we run our gyms? Why should we settle on how we coach? Instead, we should always be learning and striving to be better. We are not looking to change CrossFit, we are simply trying to make it better and sustainable for everyone over time. To be a better coach and better gym, you must continually work to be better.

This is only the beginning

The journey to understanding the principles of movement is a long one. The simple and useful tools presented in the StrongFit seminar will have a profound impact on your athletes. Something as simple as the external oblique opener (video link: ) has been a game-changer for absolutely everyone who uses it. This simple warmup saved my lower back after almost 20 years of abuse playing football and competitive weightlifting. I have clients who previously had pelvic floor issues that required surgery, who no longer have concerns, just by simply doing the opener before every training session. If incorporating a simple warm-up can take away someone’s back pain, isn’t it worth a try? The answers do not have to be complicated and sometimes they are right in front of us. It just takes someone bringing them to light. That’s when something special happens…change.

Remember, we are here for our clients. Be there for your community by creating a positive change in people’s lives through less injury, less pain and more success.

About the Author

Tyler Reiter has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 10 years

Tyler played college Football at Augsburg where he earned honors and also professional football for three years in the SPFL, where his team was league champion three years running. Tyler does strength and conditioning workshops at gyms and speaks at universities.

EDUCATION Exercise Science Degree - Augsburg University

CERTIFICATIONS: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, USA Advanced Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, USA Weightlifting Club Coach, StrongFit Seminar, StrongFit Coaches Week 1

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