Applying StrongFit to your Tribe

July 10, 2018

Half a year before attending the first-ever StrongFit seminar in Europe, I had just opened up my gym.  As for a lot of people, everything started with the now infamous Barbell Shrugged podcast. From that moment forward things changed - sometimes gradually, sometimes exponentially. 

The plan for my gym was not to be a franchised CrossFit box or a personal training center but rather to pave its own way in trying to help people experience the wealth of moving better, growing stronger and being challenged both physically & mentally, so they could be better outside the gym. That’s the way I wanted to make a difference. Not the most original idea (perhaps a mediocre idea at best), but it was and still is, my goal. Now, over two years later, StrongFit has helped us do that. I believe these lessons can be of help to anyone, whether you are a new or established gym; a coach, athlete or a gym owner; whether you are working in group