Camp Freja

My name is Mia Eriksson and you find me at the countryside in the middle of Sweden at Crossfit Bifrost where I and my partner runs Grundstyrka -a company that we started after attending the first Strongfit Coaches week in Europe (London 2016). After London we jumped on the first Strongfit Mentoring group – for me life is about learning, growing and making some sort of difference to the better, and by being part of the Strongfit tribe I have the privilege to be around people to help me with this. One of my passions is helping people in the process of making better choices for themselves, to heal traumas, to get more connected to themselves and to their life. This passion of mine comes from my own experiences with pain and learning how to live again. I could tell you about my traumas, but that’s not important. What I will tell you is that I know what it’s like to want to die.

And I know what it’s like to want to live. I want my fellow sisters to live, to bravely embrace their life, their strengths and be who they want to be. For this, I have created Camp Freja. With movements, solution-based coaching and the support of the group I am expecting magic to happen. Freja is the Nordic mythology goddess of fertility and death, the love and war goddess with power over the forces of nature. You don’t mess with Freja. 
I want the women who join Camp Freja to feel empowered and encouraged to be their true self. I want their inner voice that’s throttled by fear and prejudice to scream so loud that there’ll be no space for air. I want you to dance if you want to, to feel the power of what it is being human with all emotions and states. It all starts with your body, to get the connection with muscles and breathing. To get an understanding of how your body and mind work together. Learn how you can change your state and your health with exercise and breathing. The group will meet on five occasions over the course of four weeks. It will be talking about the principles of movements, breathing, emotions, anxiety, depression, and principles of solution based coaching and approach to change. It will be activities like workouts, games, and soul-searching. And of course, there will be Swedish fika. The participants will get tasks or experiments to do between sessions. With a Bachelors degree in Health education, many years of coaching and educating people in health and exercise and with all the knowledge from being part of Strongfit mentorship, now it’s time to fulfill one of my dreams – to create a space and place for women to grow. I am so proud to say that Camp Freja is here. First camp starts at the end of January 2019. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

You can message me on my

IG @campfreja or @grundstyrka

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