the Strongfit Podcast


Started over 2 years ago, it came out of a need to keep everything I was working on recorded somewhere. I also knew that people following me were having a hard time catching up and keeping track. We originally started with the idea of 16 episodes and 180 later we are still going.

I enjoy doing the podcast a lot. It is a chance for me to put my thoughts out there, giving them a reality and keeping me accountable. 

I cover many subjects on there, the very technical (like Karl Friston, Lactate, etc...) to training, practical application and, here and there, rants about the world.

My co-hosts went from Tyler to Richard to, now my soon-to-be-wife Janine. Her background as a national-level sprinter gives her great insight toward movement and a performance-driven mindset.

video and audio format

the Stupide Podcast

That is a more recent format, and shorter, that we adopted after it came out that a number of people had questions they did not dare ask.

Janine offered to be the bearer of those questions, literally saying "I can ask stupid questions and you cannot get mad at me, so...".

The format and the name was found. We routinely ask for new questions, and as you gathered no question is too simple.

video and audio format

Video Critique

This is something I am liking more and more. It is a simple breakdown of movement or technique.

It can be about what I would do to improve on that lift to flaws in set-up or technique, why and how I use an exercise, etc...

I cover some of my lifts as well as Janine's and whatever video people send me to look at. I am using the app CoachesEye at the moment, which allows me to draw on the video and show precisely what I am looking at

video format only